Commissions and personalised pieces are a great way to memorialise something or somewhere special to you or a loved one, or to create the perfect piece for a particular place in your home. You’ll be consulted the entire way through the creation of your piece to make sure you end up with the perfect artwork for you.

I request a 25% deposit to be made upon confirmation of commission work and full payment will not be required until your artwork has received the seal of approval and is ready for shipping. Please refer to my Contact & Shipping page for further information on the shipping process.

The prices below are my current rates and exclude shipping costs. If you do not see a size listed below, please drop me an e-mail to get a pricing quote.

All prices are listed in GBP (£) but for a quote in another currency, please get in touch. I will quote based on the day’s given exchange rate and honour this price should you wish to proceed with the commission.

Please send all commission and personalisation enquires to and include the following information:

  • Type of artwork preferred (digital print or mixed media traditional piece)
  • Reference photo(s) and or a description of the subject for the piece
  • Preferred colour schemes (e.g. warm colours, blue overtones, earthy tones, etc.). If you know the colour of the wall where you’d like to hang your piece of artwork, I can make sure to use complimentary colours
  • Size of artwork (if the size you are after is not listed below or if you are after a canvas piece, please give an approximate desired size)

2020/2021 Price List

Digital Prints

An original piece of artwork based on your idea or reference, created using digital media (see other prints for sale in my shop for reference). This print will be created exclusively for you and will not be reused or resold for future prints.

Standard Paper SizesPrice (GBP)
10cm x 15cm (6×4 photo size)£25.00
21cm x 29.7cm (A4 size)£35.00
29.7cm x 42cm (A3 size)£45.00
42cm x 59.4cm (A2 size)£60.00
59.4cm x 84.1cm (A1 size)£90.00
Square Print SizesPrice (GBP)
20cm x 20cm£30.00
40cm x 40cm£40.00
60cm x 60cm£60.00
80cm x 80cm£75.00
100cm x 100cm£100.00

Mixed Media Art Piece

An original piece of artwork based on your idea or reference, created using a variety of traditional media (including acrylic paint, watercolour, collage, and embroidery).

Standard Paper SizesPrice (GBP)
14.8cm x 21cm (A5 size)£30.00
21cm x 29.7cm (A4 size)£50.00
29.7cm x 42cm (A3 size)£75.00
42cm x 59.4cm (A2 size)£125.00
59.4cm x 84.1cm£200.00
For commissions created using watercolour paper and paint only
Canvas Pieces
Canvases are made to order to best suit your unique piece of art. Prices are therefore dependent on size and the amount of materials used to create the canvas, as well as the work on your piece of art. Please enquire for a quote.