About the Artist

Hola! Thanks for visiting!

I am a British-born artist, currently living and working on the Pacific Coast in Mexico. Most of my family have been living in this incredible country for the last couple of years, and I’ve been holidaying here since I was 15. I am a trained archaeologist (MSc in Maritime Archaeology) and was previously working at a commercial company in England as an Archaeological Illustrator before I made the permanent move over in October 2018.

Why the move?

So in January 2018, my dad lost his incredible battle against cancer and although I was content with my life and career in the UK, I knew I needed to be closer to my family (sister is in Singapore still mind and the grandparents are stuck in blighty). England was never the long-term goal for me anyway – I saw it as a booster for kick-starting a career path in archaeology. I missed painting for the fun of it though. I am a strong believer in that everything is meant for a reason, and whilst I would much rather still have my dad alive and kicking, his passing pushed me to take the leap and sack in the 9-5 career to start focusing on what I love doing.

So what now?

I currently split my time between working with my brother at Flip Flop Nomad Tours to provide cultural, historical and ecological tours throughout Mexico, to the local community, and also paint and draw. I’m trying to build up my name a bit locally, selling my art from our office in the form of small mementos, greetings cards, and postcards. I’ve just recently started to sell prints of some of my digital work as well, both in Mexico and the UK, and even in Singapore!

My Art

I’d say that my painting style is very loose and fluid. I love colour, very bold colours at that, and try to use as much of it as I can in my paintings, layering up different hues to create texture and movement. I’m experimenting more and more these days with mixed media pieces, incorporating acrylic and watercolour together and hoping to build in embroidery somewhere there too!

Whilst I’ve always admired artists who paint in any degree of realism, I find it is my weak point and perhaps that is why I lean more to the abstract and expressive form or very illustrative and stylised. I would consider myself both an abstract and impressionist artist, with an illustrative edge.

When it comes to illustration, I incorporate bold lines to help define my colourful subjects. In real life I am a very monochrome person (style-wise), but in my art, I use black and white only to highlight details I think important. Colour is the focus.

I take inspiration from the country that I live in (it is a rich, colourful and diverse country which I hope to be able to explore thoroughly so long as I am living here). I also love to study and draw animals and the natural world and recently have started to tackle landscapes, focusing my observational skills on more urban and man-made scapes, and abstracting natural ones.

What else?

I also love to travel (comes with the job I guess and also, pretty obvious considering I am officially an expat now…). I love to read, I unashamedly love television and film, I love to listen to music, and I like to attempt to successfully master gluten free baking (I am one of those awful non-gluten people. For genuine medical reasons though). 

And fin.

I’ve rambled enough, but please have a look at my completed works in my galleries or have a gander at some of my ongoing projects under the Collections page.

If you have any enquiries or requests, please contact me through my social media links or contact page.

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